Historical Landmark, New Construction


Ando House is the first ever structure in the U.S. designed by Tadao Ando, the award-winning Japanese architect, specializing in concrete buildings. Every aspect of its construction required perfection and Zera was called in when the first GC fell short of this standard.


  • All finished walls & ceilings were smooth-finished architectural concrete, with all mechanical piping buried within
  • Walls had to be perfectly framed to accommodate 6" x 6" bathroom tile that were forbidden from being cut
  • Wood & slate flooring with high-end millwork installed alongside ornamental metalwork and a custom curtain wall system
  • Interesting architectural features: a 60" post-tensioned concrete beam (cast on site), pre-cast concrete pool ramps, a large reflecting pool, and a sloping garden adjacent to the library
  • This project was performed on a time and material basis