pfister hotel

Parking Garage Repair


The Pfister Hotel is one of the top hotels in Milwaukee, and is wherepresidents and professional sports teams stay when visiting. Whileimpressive from the outside, the parking garage experienced deteriorationof concrete due to the Midwest freeze and thaw cycle in addition to normalwear & tear. The garage experienced leaking, delamination, spalls, andfailing concrete, necessitating the use of unsightly shoring.


  • Removed concrete topping and performed partial and full depth repairs
  • Installed a traffic-bearing membrane system and replaced all the MEPs
  • Installed a cathodic protection system to minimize corrosion of rebar by reversing the electrical current that causes steel to rust
  • Created a high level of scheduling detail, kept noise to a minimum and operated under flexible working hours to accommodate hotel management and guests
  • Completed work on a very tight schedule to avoid liquidated damages resulting from delays