University of St. Mary’s of the Lake

Historical Landmark, Plaza


Dating back to 1921 and under a charter issued by the Pope himself, this historical landmark was badly in need of renovation due to the wear and tear of eight decades and exposure to the elements. Extreme caution had to be exercised by workers due to the unique safety concerns of working over water and ice, including the use of life vests, ring buoys, and rowboats.


  • Added waterproofing and topping slabs for pedestrian walkways
  • Added interior concrete roof, 4" slab cast over the arched viaduct ceiling
  • Stripped topping slab off the piers, added waterproofing to structural slab and backfilled with 15" of stone, and added new walking surface
  • Stripped boathouse walking surface, pulled out and salvaged original tile, added waterproofing, and stamped concrete walking surface